Organisation Chart

General Community Functions

General functions that involve team and user management but no service tasks.

Position Superior Name
Head Admin Gachl
  Community Manager Head Admin evilion
    Public Relations Manager Community Manager Vacant
    Competition Manager Community Manager Vacant

Community Service Functions

Community Service Functions are affiliated to the Community Manager.
Services provide platforms for our users. Services can be caegorised and split up depending on the workload.

Position Superior Name
VoIP Lead Gachl
  Discord Admin VoIP Lead Gachl
  TeamSpeak Admin  VoIP Lead Kanlo
  Mumble Admin  VoIP Lead Gachl
Ark Lead Kanlo
  Ark Survival Evolved Admin Kanlo
GTA:V Net.Work Gachl
Starbound Gachl
Minecraft Gachl
Factorio Gachl


Individual moderators of a game are subject to change and responsibility of the corresponding Community Service Position.

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